Concert Calendars

Published on GitHub, 2022

My Concert Calendars project scrapes local Philly concert listings daily and creates up-to-date concert calendars (by venue) that users can subscribe to. You can find the Python scripts at this link. The scripts save concert listings in both .ics and .csv formats.

To subscribe to one of the calendars below in Google calendar, first navigate to your calendar. In the left sidebar, next to “Other calendars,” click on the “+” button. Then click “From URL,” and add one of the links below. You’re all set!

All calendars are refreshed daily.

Johnny Brenda’s

To subscribe to the Johnny Brenda’s calendar, use this .ics link.


The script and calendar for the Fillmore and Foundry are defunct as of April 2024.

The Met

To subscribe to the Met calendar, use this .ics link.

Bonus: Yoga Studio Schedules

To subscribe to Uprising UCM’s class schedule, use this link.

To subscribe to Palo Santo’s class schedule, use this link.